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Born in Philadelphia, Carl David is the third descendant of a four-generation art dealer family specializing in American and European seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth- and twentieth-century paintings, watercolors, sculptures and drawings.

Carl earned a Bachelor of Arts with a degree in business in 1970 from Oglethorpe College in Atlanta, Georgia. Bader Field is his second published book. He is also the author of Collecting and Care of Fine Art published by Crown Publishers (1981). His article “Martha Walter” appeared in the May 1978 issue of American Art Review. Carl is constantly being queried by the various art journals and financial magazines for his perspective on the state of the art markets.  In light of the fact that the gallery has been in business since 1910, it is considered to be a standard in the industry and is given the utmost of respect for its integrity, knowledge and pursuit of excellence.

Mr. David was a charter member of Sotheby’ (New York), and is a member of the Art and Antique Dealers League, and La Confederation Internationale De Negotiants En Oeuvres D’Art. He has served as judge for The Manayunk Art Show, co-chairman of the gallery committee member of Rittenhouse Row, guest auctioneer for WHYY, and panel member for The Art News World Art Market (New York). Carl has been involved with The Friends of Rittenhouse Square, The Free Appraisal Clinic, The Philadelphia Art Museum, The Dealer’s Committee for US Artists, and Rittenhouse Row.

Using his knowledge of the fine arts, Carl has taught “Collecting Fine Art” at Main Line School


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Night, and served as a guest lecturer at the Philadelphia Library, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the U.S. Artists Exhibition (2004–2006).  As a philanthropist, David has used art as a backdrop to organize and produce fundraising exhibitions for the Washington, D.C. branch of the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, the Delaware Valley Burn Foundation, The American Red Cross and The Make a Wish Foundation.

Carl has given appraisals and consultations for: the Brandywine River Museum, American Bar Association, The White House, Office of the Attorney General, State of New York, FBI, State Department, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Union League Club of Philadelphia, Buck Hill Falls Art Association, Law Firm of Ronald A. White, Law Firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, the DuPont Family, the Wilmington Library, The Hagley Museum, Strassburger, McKenna, Gutnick & Potter (Pittsburgh), Wilkes College (Sordoni Art Gallery) Wilkes Barre, PA, University of Virginia, Cigna, and Sun Oil Company.

Along with his interest and career as an art dealer, Carl has serious involvement in both music and photography.  He does all of the gallery photography work and has photographic images hosted on and His specialties are atmospheric, landscape and travel always with emphasis on the beauty of nature. In years past various formats were employed, including 8 x 10, 645 (medium format), and 35 mm but today the primary modality is digital.

Having played piano at a very young age and then teaching
himself to play guitar years later, Carl was part of two rock groups during his late teens.   After a lengthy hiatus of several decades he has returned to his passion for music.  With a mega keyboard in his studio at home, with headphones donned, he has written several ballads. His first ("My Love For You") written for his wife,  was professionally mastered, arranged, and produced by the legendary Dave Appell of Decca Records and Cameo-Parkway Records. His latest song, “Loving You” harks back to the eighties soft rock mode.  Several others pieces which he has written are currently awaiting arrangement and production. When asked “What next”? he replies, “I have no idea; it just comes out when it is ready.  I really have no control over it.  Creativity cannot be forced; it has a mind of its own.

For many years, Carl David has had a serious interest in and has been a proponent of all aspects of healing. Of particular interest is “hands on” healing and energy work. Animals are of special love to Carl and are drawn to him as he is to them. He has worked on several over the years.  It is as though he is connected to them by an invisible thread. He has woven spirituality and energy work into his daily life. As a firm believer in "paying it forward," he knows that karmic debts must be paid, and is very cognizant of keeping a clear conscious and doing the right thing. What goes around comes around, inevitably. Life has thrown him some nasty turns, but instead of being bitter and resentful, he has tried to learn from each experience and shift his focus toward something positive.